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Wet-Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2016

Wet-looking effects can’t be compared with any other technique used in the fashion world as they are unique in their style. But one thing is more than obvious; the wet-look effect is best reflected on straight hair. While curly-haired beauties spend lots of time, money and efforts to achieve a cool sleek and wet-looking hairstyle straight-haired women rock it without any special styling and efforts. Be it short or long you can easily get a shiny and stunning wet-look hairstyle on your straight hair. That’s why check out the trendiest wet-look straight hairstyles to try in 2016. Be in style with your fashionable hairdos.   9db84e42fdd5805a690fb5846607cb35 Wet Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2016Straight Side Parted Wet-Look Hairstyle

Leaving alone the common center parting here we offer you a trendier option. It’s a wet-look side parted hairstyle with a tight French braid on the top. Just with the help of a fashionable thin braided hairstyle you can part your hair to one side. This unique hairdo is not that difficult to achieve on straight hair.  c991011edc408482aee1e15a6da7450c Wet Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2016How to Style: First of all start with damp and soft hair. Flat iron with hair protective cream and rub high-shine hair wax from the top to the tips. Comb all smoothly. Separate hair into two parts on the top by side parting and take a thin section from the crown part. Braid it into a tight French plait and achieve a deep parting.

Wet-Look Straight Ponytail

If you often wear a ponytail hairstyle at your office then the new wet-look pony is a good choice for you. It is fresh and tighter ponytail hairstyle that makes the top part so glossy. Among so many updo hairstyle the simplest one is the pony that you can choose in 2016. To make it more fascinating you may either center or side part it before tying.8d4c210de811f4362b02e0a30c01d36e Wet Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2016How to Style: Like the previous hairstyle this one also requires heavy hair styling products such as gels, waxes or oils. Rub them all over you hair and tie a low or high ponytail hairstyle quite tightly. To add a tender touch wear a natural-looking makeup.

Wet-Look Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

What about a comfy downdo hairstyle which brings out your facial features. You could only dream about such a cool combo. Generally we wear neat updo hairstyles to show off our pretty face but this one is an incredible style that keeps hair out of the face without pulling it off into an updo.386033fd0c84a9d1b9b26ca522fc9a6e Wet Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2016How to Style: Women who have thin hair should be more careful with a slicked back style not to look dull. While it is quiet easy to keep hair full-looking when you have thick hair, fine hair loses its attractiveness in wet-look hairstyles. So, tease the top part beforehand and spray hair spray. After this pass on to the styling oils and waxes which are supposed to add extra-shine. Apply them from the top to the mid-parts if the rest is straight and damp. Then brush all gently backwards.

Straight Wet-Look Pixie Hairstyle

Who could ever imagine that there would appear so many hair styling ideas for short pixie hairstyles. From the casual messy spikes to the posh straight and wet-look hairstyles pixies are everywhere in the fashion world. Thanks to the high-quality hair styling products now we can make miracles on our hair.0acfb11a77978d8d6aab46096be708e7 Wet Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2016How to Style: Choose this hairstyle for a special party or event. Apply high-shine hair oil on your short locks and comb all to one side or backwards according to your face shape ad hair type. Fix the final neat look with hair spray.

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