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Timeless Housewife Hairstyles

Talking about fashion things, modern popular hairstyles, bright outfit and smart make-up, very often we are talking about working women, about business ladies who have to be fit, to keep being trendy all the time. However, I have to say today that housewives are the ones doing the hardest work in the world – bringing up and educating our future, our children. And the housewives are the women who manage to be multi functional, caring, attentive, concentrated and keep being beautiful and admiring. For all the adorable housewives today we will go through cute hairstyles collection taken out from movies and inspired by back row ladies behind their husbands, injecting them with strength and power.

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The looks are really inspiring  -from retro pixie haircuts, to vintage bob hairstyles, and very common modern long hairstyles, straight or wavy. So here we go to see the best hairstyles solutions for you to always look sexy and decent with your family and friends.

Long hairstyles for housewives and not only

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You may thing that taking care of children, doing the housework, cooking and cleaning will leave no time for you to devote some little time for yourself, but here we come admiring long hairstyles, absolutely simple and because of that absolutely fantastic.

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Among my most beloved images of housewives on the screen is Gabrielle Solis. The hot Mexican woman, not working, and keeping trendy in any sphere of life. Well, mostly in shopping and personal care. Her deep brunette hairstyles are awesome.

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Long hairstyles and the waves and curls are the signature hairstyles for modern housewives indeed. If your hair texture has waves by itself than you are even luckier, just to wash your hair and enjoy being a hot trendy mom.

Housewife bob hairstyles

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Again this awesome bob, running through decades and entering our lives now and then. A bit retro variation of bob is the inverted hairstyle. The heroins of these looks passed days smoking and enjoying drinks and their lives. And having perfect bob is surely one of the entertainments.

Retro hairstyles to try this spring 2016

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The widely known I love Lucie brought forward not only highly artistic environment but also the amazing retro hairstyles, the Victorian curls flipped out, the salvage red copper hair color, all create the perfect image of a modern housewife.

Vintage pixie haircuts

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For the most practical women, who staying at home appreciate each moment and do want to look trendy, yet wearing a simple and easy hairstyle, I can advice only one solution – the pixie haircut. Both vintage version and modern one that are more sharp and expressive, will look nice and fashionable and will require minimal efforts on styling.

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