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Six Awesome Men Hairstyles for 2016

When it comes to men’s styles it seems everything is complex but we can say everything is much easier. Men like to keep up with fashion as women do. Nowadays you can see many men who have eye-catching styles. Some people say that men do not have many options to style their hair but actually it is not so and celebrities prove that men can style their hair the way they want.fd46873a69181b47df0e1b5a7a923335 Six Awesome Men Hairstyles  for 2016Actually celebrities every day appear with new styles and spread the trend all over the world. We know famous actors Brad Pitt, Jamie Dornan and others who are ready to do experiences with their hair, many times impressd the world with their facinating hairstyles. So now being inspired by many celebrities’ hairstyles we have decided to represent you six awesome men hairstyles for 2016. If you are ready to see the most amazing hairstyles for you just move on.


Undoubtedly spiky hairstyle is one of the hairstyles that any man can try. Spiky hairstyle is popular both among men and women. So you need to take some gel and spend a little time in front of the mirror. You can get the style with the help of your fingers. This hairstyle is really cost to try in the morning and believe us that you will get the status of a model. Spiky hairstyle especially is for those who like to have a messy look.

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spiky hair for men

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cool spiky hair for men

Slicked back

What can be sexier than slicked back hairstyle for men? Obviously it is not a causal style, for formal occasions this style is great for all men. When you see a man wearing slicked back hairstyle it means he is a businessman and he is aiming to impress someone.

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Slicked back hair for men

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cool Slicked back hair for men

Crew cut

Why men love crew cut hairstyle? They love it because it is very easy to get. All want to wake up without thinking about a hairstyle because it is something stressful. Crew cut wearers do not need absolutely to worry because they always have the same good look. This simple hairstyle completely takes away stress from your morning routine.

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Crew cut for men

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cool Crew cut for men


Bangs will never get out of the fashion industry because they mean to enhance your look. Men who wear bangs get very hot look which impresses all girls. The bangs make eyes pop out. The most famous Hollywood star who wear hairstyles with bangs are Zach Efron and Chance Crawford. Make sure a lot of girls are going to fall in love with you when you wear your hairstyle with bangs.

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bangs hairstyle for men

d42e0592ed089ca984fd64c03c0a5ba7 Six Awesome Men Hairstyles  for 2016

side swept bangs for men

Rocker Look

Rocker look is also popular but do not except that in office you will see a men wearing a rocker style. This casual look is very attractive which you undoubtedly should try.

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cstunning rock hair for men

47908238f8d0188cbc75e7426fece6f2 Six Awesome Men Hairstyles  for 2016

Rocker Look hair for men


Some boys were born with natural curly hair. If you have natural curly hair you do not need to straight your hair because your look with curly hair is really fantastic. Those who want to have a curly hairstyle they can do it with the help of hair gel.

b09ba0621790ae99a5cd485e203a8be7 Six Awesome Men Hairstyles  for 2016

men curly hair

We hope you enjoyed our article and will think about wearing one of these hairstyles that we have suggested you. If you hesitate or you are not sure which one suits with your face features we advise you to go to your hairstylist.

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