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New Subtle Hairstyle Ideas for Prom

For ladies who get prepared for their prom, wedding party or for any special occasion I introduce new subtle hairstyle ideas that can be considered not only for the upcoming event but also for the future. These hairstyles are ideal for any special event and can be worn in any season you like.d7b1f929edf494b0146508d246d9ff23 New Subtle Hairstyle Ideas for PromBraided Updo Hairstyle

This is a really lovely hairstyle that needs some time to be prepared. Actually you need to make your hair ready for it the night before. That is to say you should sleep with big hair curlers on your hair so that you can wake up with a half-ready hairstyle in the morning. As soon as you untie your hair and have curly locks you should continue styling by braiding and gathering a big updo at your nape.  The result should a side braid on your head and a loose bun on the back. If you like you can add a cute hair accessory matching your outfit.

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Braided Updo Hairstyle

Romantic Bun Hairstyle

The looser the chosen hairstyle the easier it can be created. In this case you are welcome to get this romantic bun hairstyle in your hair easier than the previous one. You can either style a loose bun at your nape with face framing hair or you can combine it with some lace braids for a more sophisticated look. This won’t take you much time and can be styled by yourself. You just need to curl some part of your hair with a hair curling tool and ties a low ponytail. Then make the top part voluminous and gather your ponytail in a bun hairstyle with bobby pins. Match it with a subtle makeup and a hot dress and you are done with a romantic look.

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Romantic Bun Hairstyle

Big Updo

Big updos actually are loved by women over 30. They are very feminine and eye-catching hairstyles for wedding and formal parties. For this hairstyle you may need a touch of a hairstylist as it’s quite sleek and neat and requires careful styling. It looks perfect with elegant dresses, coats and high heels.

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Big Updo

Big Bouffant

Need something looking like a vintage styled? Try this big bouffant hairstyle. To get it you need to style a high ponytail and then gather your hair section by section on a donut secured on the top part of your hair. It’s not that difficult to achieve but you may need several practices to catch the principals.

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Big Bouffant

Twisted Curls

Twisting curly hair in an updo hairstyle will provide you with a Greed goddess look. This cute and ethereal hairstyle is perfect with flowers and looks very exquisite. If you like it you can get it on curly hair in a twisting principal.

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Twisted Curls in updo

Cool Bun for Shot Hair

And finally a cool updo hairstyle for my short-haired ladies. Opt for his cute bun hairstyle just in a few minutes. It’s clear that sometimes you need to get a classy and too elegant look but don’t know what to do with your short haircut. Learn this hairstyle and often sport it for special occasions and for prom.

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Cool Bun for Short Hair

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