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New Runway Inspired Hairstyles

We, women, are always hairstyle enthusiast who cannot imagine their lifestyle without new changes. If not these changes perhaps we may go mad. But since our hairstylists do their best to provide us with new hair styling solutions we’ll never notice luck of changes. The represented examples are new runway inspired hairstyles special for those who first want to discover the recent updates in the world of fashion.2075eb9c0b0b325d0df8a443b5d375a8 New Runway Inspired HairstylesLong Big Coils

Today some other versions of curls have come up to replace the old curling methods. It’s a kind of influence of retro hairstyles that doesn’t look dull; moreover it grabs attention and keeps eyes on your look. Though it’s not a casual style for everyday life but you can sport it for crazy parties, special occasions and for prom. Always keep in mind that there is much fun in curly and wavy hairstyles and they tend to draw attention.

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runway hairstyle idea

Volumized Side Braid

I love these cool side ponytails as there is something very feminine in each side braid. They look very fastidious in each style. Having it in a volumized form you will get a more eye-catching appearance. This can be used on casual days as well as for date nights.

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runway hairstyle side braid

Undone Loose Braid

Lately the tendency of wearing loose hairstyles grows. Due to their refined and cool look these hairstyles are going to be the trends in 2016. The loveliest ones are the undone braids which are perfect on wavy hairstyles. This creates a bohemian style and unlike its simplicity looks luxurious.

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runway hairstyle loose

Braided Ponytail

It seems as if our smart hairstylists have suggested the easiest way to liven up our dull hairstyles. Combining ponytail hairstyle with braids is a superb idea especially for black women. It’s quite sophisticated and fascinating.

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runway hairstyle braided ponytail

Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

Two good examples of braids for short haircuts are represented here. These easy braids will make your short carefree hairstyle sleeker and neater.

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runway hairstyle for short hair 2016

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Fishtail and Ponytail

Mingle a small fishtail into a low ponytail. Get it on your straight sleek hair and the classy look is ready to rock the formal event. If you like this hairstyle you can achieve it by yourself as there is nothing difficult in styling it.

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runway hairstyle fishtail ponytail

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