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Independent Spirit Awards 2016: Celebrity Hairstyles

All the latest film festivals, awards and luxurious parties organized for the famous celebrities give us new and new ideas on how to dress stylishly and how to style our hair right to be in the center of attention. The most ravishing and fashionable TV stars, models, actors and singers always inspire us with their delightful, lofty and scrumptious looks. But what grabs our attention is all about the trendiest hairstyles and hair colors. This time the turn is for the best celebrity hairstyles from Independent Spirit Awards 2016. Here you will find styling ideas not only for long but also for short pixie cuts. So, find your style and update your tresses with a modern touch.0c98eab7bb97d012264422ef5fa8fcf1 Independent Spirit Awards 2016: Celebrity HairstylesNikki Reed Side Fishtail Braid

Being a ritzy long-haired beauty Nikki often refers to trendy braided hairstyle to show off the charm of her long locks and the fresh highlights that she adds tie to time to her brunette hair. They are delightfully reflected on braided hairstyles. Since fishtail is the most fashionable plait for 2016 Nikki has decided to use it to have a girlish and more seductive look during the Independent Spirit Awards 2016. Actually it is combined with a cute baby braid on the top part which makes the hairstyle original and unrepeatable. It is a cool hairstyle for the majority of long-haired ladies.f7e43738a76dfac0dd1b477dde93904a Independent Spirit Awards 2016: Celebrity HairstylesAlexandra Richards Medium Wavy Hairstyle

As for mid-length haircuts here is an inspiring wavy hairstyle from the stunning model Alexandra. Her tousled waves in a soft blonde shade are so attractive with the trendy dark roots highlighted with the stylish center parting. The hairstyle is festive and glamorous and is a good idea for special occasions. In order to get it on your shoulder length lob hairstyle you may need to use curling tools and hair mousse for the textured and tousled finish. It’s preferable to combine such a cute hairstyle with natural-looking subtle makeups.ebc5e22d520e134213edb88f342d3d2c Independent Spirit Awards 2016: Celebrity HairstylesKristina Bazan Bang Hairstyle

Bangs are back and they are fist sported by imposing celebrities. One of them is Kristina Bazan who has chosen a perfect wispy bang style for her face shape. This is a long and straight bang cut on shiny ginger red hair. It makes Kristina look younger and girlish. The created frame along with the long loose style is one of the best solutions to soften the face structure and facial features. Having the desired natural touch in it this hairstyle is worthy to try in 2016.f14a53978f64d831c4bd10c21bacc4b2 Independent Spirit Awards 2016: Celebrity HairstylesLauren Cohan Textured Pixie Hairstyle

There is something very powerful and eye-catching in each pixie haircut. Women wearing pixie cuts differ from the rest with their edgy style and ritzy look. This fancy haircut is not for everyone and those who succeed in its posh effects stand out from eh crowd. If you have a cool pixie haircut you should definitely take an example from Lauren Cohan who was rocking a textured pixie style at the Independent Spirit Awards 2016. This voluminous and feminine pixie is a dressy and dainty hairstyle for the upcoming parties. It is soft, subtle, pretty and fancy at the same time.33bfb9ae1b63ed4f113951456c4c20f5 Independent Spirit Awards 2016: Celebrity HairstylesCynthia Nixon Straight Pixie Hairstyle

And the mature women looking for a cozy and fashionable haircut for their damaged hair may consider Cynthia Nixon’s elegant straight pixie hairstyle in 2016. As you see it is a delicate and upscale pixie style for thin hair as well as for naturally straight tresses. This style may inspire those who have slender facial features and wish to showcase their prettiness with the help of a short haircut.825de716bf82517f55acabe19b4a16f4 Independent Spirit Awards 2016: Celebrity Hairstyles

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