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Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2016

If you have natural brown hair and you are tired of monotone look you may always change it buy adding a little details. The best option of choosing your hairstyles is to add some classic highlights. These colors help you to accent your skin complexions and make your look more refreshing. If you want to add some highlights to your  locks, here we have some  highlights for brown hair which may help you.d29f31e234eb7e9f5d779af135a65816 Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2016Blonde highlight for brown hair

Those who have natural brown hair colors always want to transform into blonde shades. But some who are afraid of going for dramatic changes may try blonde highlights. If you look at the pictures that we have represented bellow, you will see the beauty of these color matches. Due to the shades the eye color is more vivid and that makes the look very flattering and eye-catching. Natural brunettes will not so easily get blonde hair color so it is better to start everything step by step and the highlights are excellent beginning.

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chocolate brown hair with blonde highlights

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blonde highlights on dark brown hair

If you have light brown hair we will advise you to go for platinum blonde or honey blonde highlights. For medium brown hair it will be better to choose dark blonde and golden brown highlights. Do not forget that highlights should be two shades lighter than your hair.

Golden highlights

Golden shades are light enough and on brown hair they are going to be a perfect match. These colors you can rock for every occasion. They work great with any hair length so you do not need to think about the length. It is possible also to get an ombre effect by dying the top of your hair.

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golden highlights on brown hair

Purple and blue highlights

Purple and blue highlights are for those who want to have girlish and crazy look. Make sure if you wear these highlights you are going to be in the center of attention because not all will be ready to wear pink and blue highlight in brown hair.

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blue and pink highlights on dark hair

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blue and purple highlights

Caramel highlights

The caramel highlights are the best ones for brown hair. If you do not know what kind of shade to choose for your dark hair, believe us that caramel highlights is a great choice by anyone. Mocha is also not bad in this case.

d6944cfff9c4c276e480c9cf3edfc09c Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2016

caramel highlights in brown hair color

da68beed169592103a8baa6b6cf6d9b6 Highlights for Dark Brown Hair 2016

caramel highlights in brown hair

Red or purple highlights

Those who want something extravagant may go for red or purple highlights which are trendy too. In this case you need to consult with your makeup artist in order to be sure whether these highlights are suitable for your skin tone or not.

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red highlight on dark hair

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These are several highlight ideas for your hair. You may choose the one that you like but before wearing your highlights try to find out exactly which highlights are for your skin tone because sometimes girls face with the problem that they did not choose a right shade for their hair. Keep in your mind that you should always take care about your hair and do regular touch ups to have a fresh look.

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