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Flirty Wavy Hairstyles for Men

There is something of ancient Greek gods in men with wavy hairstyles. Like Zeus and other Gods’ images we learned from school, short waves for men talk confidence and power, thus converting such guys into real beauty icons for ladies. So what is so charming about waves in men’s hairstyles? Romanticism. This is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. Like Romeo and medieval knights fighting for the ladies ready to die. Well, too much lyrics really. On the other hand short wavy hair just like in women styles look flirty and attractive. Men models hit the runways with curls, the most famous celebrities make artificial curls, the others boast natural hair texture.

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So it is really worthy to get to know what wavy hairstyles for men are trendy maybe just because women tend to fall in love with curls. 

Men celebrity wavy hairstyles

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For the actor that has played the most incredible characters on screen, wavy hair is the signature look. Johnny by the way wears his natural hair, a slight wave and mid length, that changes into long hair sometimes, ever becoming too short. Significant mane fits his unique style a lot.4606036c411a626e501fa1ce99ba62c8 Flirty Wavy Hairstyles for Men 6bc417bdf8a6a4d632a8bfdbbd260812 Flirty Wavy Hairstyles for Men c51e2e653e1f1d58094b3828f999610b Flirty Wavy Hairstyles for Men

Other male celebrities like Bradley Cooper go for artificial tight curls to convert into a real ancient God. They do look cool, but the fact that they are not natural is a bit disturbing.

Runway wavy hairstyles for men

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The hair trends seen in mass streams are actually landed down from runways. And wavy hairstyles for men are no exclusion. Quite often we see cry guys strode the catwalks, with trendy short haircuts, or with stylish mid length hair styled wavy in our case.

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Though current trends for men are those lubmbersexual looks with heavy beards, many of men around us still sport the thing beard that underlines the facial features, adds some manliness and perfectly fits short wavy haircuts.

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And no less important is the fact that wavy hair is easy to maintain. Especially in summer when you want to devote all your time to entertainments, and beach and new acquaintances, messy waves will look perfectly appealing and right appropriate for summer spirits.

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For the guys with natural straight hair I would advice not get sad, you can either style waves with gel and mousse, or find a way to look cool with your natural hair texture – either extra short undercut hairstyles or long hairstyles for men.

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