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Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016

Find your new source of inspo for updo hairstyles in 2016. We will help you to unveil the latest trends and will give innovative ideas on how to rock old-fashioned updo hairstyles with modern twists. We want you to be the first who tries out the most creative and festive updo hairstyles for the upcoming wedding days, birthday parties or formal occasions. So, amuse everyone with your feminine and glamorous look provided by the ritzy hairstyle.5e11199fdef4c9ac7f284c6cdb6141dd Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016Messy Beehive Updo Hairstyle

Are you tired of the same messy high buns or common messy chignons? Perhaps you may like the messy beehive updo hairstyle. It’s a retro inspired hairdo with shaggy curls and side parted soft strands which create a bang effect. They frame the face daintily and due to their shiny red shade highlight the coolness of the skin. However the hair color doesn’t matter and you can showcase your complexion with the enhanced shade of your natural hair color.7de96daf0503e8e2e3c48871c1d9f2ee Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016Curly Updo Hairstyle

Woven curls in a tight updo hairstyle always look elegant and neat. They are very beautiful for medium to long haircuts and look better with sleek front part. This hairstyle is easy to achieve on naturally curly hair but if you have straight tresses then go for curls. Gather all on the top part and pull off a tight ponytail. Then secure the curls with bobby pins section by section on the sides of the pony tie. Then beautify with hair color highlighting accessories or fresh flowers.5c64b3a3d8499e86cc38d39be6c467d6 Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016Elegant Low Chignon Hairstyle

Busy women who look for an easy to do and quick party hairstyle can rely on the elegant low chignons. Medium to long haircuts allow us to pull off great chignons at the nape with a handful of bobby pins and hair styling products. Once you are done with the chignon you can pass on to the bangs. Long side parted bangs are the best for such posh chignon hairstyles.b87f937a1817c25e659d209f36b953a3 Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016Braided Updo Hairstyle

Many girls appreciate the beauty of braided updo hairstyles. They find braids stunning and festive for any occasion. The versatility of plaits give us the great chance to rock different unique hairstyles. This is a harmonious combination of two different hairdos in a one hairstyle. Use the French, Dutch, fishtail or simple braids to get a crown plait on your top part and then finish the updo with a low bun.dd2dadc665e2b2947586da546c0500d7 Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016

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