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Cool Hairstyles for Men

We have decided to dedicate this article to men because there is a misunderstanding like there are not enough hairstyles for men but it is not so. We can say that there are guys who are more sexy and fashionable looks than meny girls.6e5da700fc38eec98d894370e51f2c09 Cool Hairstyles for Men This fact is an evidence that guys like to follow fashion and be trendy. Guys need to discover that hairstyles and spend a little time styling their hair. So now let’s see some cool hairstyles for men.

The Textured Cut with Fringe

Well, to create this hairstyle you should have enough hair length. Texture cut with fringe works well on thick hair. Guys who have double crowns should definitely think about getting this style. In order to get an exact result you may take the picture of hairstyle and show it to your hairstylist only in this way you can be sure that you will get the same effect. These carefree hairstyle is perfect for guys and girlslike to see them wearing this hairstyle.

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Textured Cut with Fringe men hairstyle

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men hairstsyle Textured Cut with Fringe


French Crop

All guys may wear French crop hairstyle because this hairstyle is perfect for all face shapes. This is one of the easiest hairstyles to get. You may wear it in natural way without using any hair product. By the way if you have decided to use some hair product, use a little hairspray because this hairstyle in natural way looks better.

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cool French Crop men hairstyle

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French Crop men hairstyle

The Buzz Cut

Another hot hairstyle for guys is a buzz cut. To be honest this is my favorite hairstyle of guys. I do really think it is perfect and glorious. As for me this hairstyle describes men’s strong personality and character features. But this hairstyle is for those who have a perfect face shapes. According to famous hairstylists buzz haircut is great for guys who have square and symmetrical face shapes. So if your face features are proper for this hairstyle do not hesitate to get it. To complete the look just use a little moulding cream.

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sexy buzz cut for men

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Buzz Cut for men

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyle has been very popular in the 1920’s but it is again back and it seems men like to wear this elegant and classic hairstyle. Those who have straight hair will get the style without any difficulties while guys with curly hair will not achieve this look so easily. Slicked back hairstyle is meant to frame your face. Well to get the look you will need some hair products.

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Slicked Back men hairstyle

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Slicked Back Hairstyle for men

Side-parting Hair

Side-parting hairstyle is also retro but nowadays retro hairstyles are the best ones and are worth to wear. This hairstyle suits with all face shapes so feel free to wear it. You should give to your hair a wet look then with the hlep of comb create side-parting hairstyle. In this case you will need some hair products as well.

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Side-parting men hairstyle

Thereby, if you think that you cannot get these styles by yourself you may go to the beauty salon and sport on of the suggested options. Feel free to choose a hairstyle which is perfect for your face features.

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