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Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016

I know that teenage girls are always interested in the cutest casual hairstyles which are both fashionable and pretty. They like to experiment with different creative styles and accessories. Since trends are refreshed every season each girl should create her own style and find out the matching updates. Here are lovely casual teenage hairstyles for 2016 to inspire you especially for spring and summer. Keep up with the fashion and be unique.79134239cbdb7ebc3517ad65e668c6b2 Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016Bow Curly Half-Updo Hairstyle

Bow is a real girlish hair accessory to wear with cute curly half-updo hairstyles. It makes this hairdo even more feminine and glamorous. Even a simple bow and turn your semi-updo hairstyle into a stunning prom hairdo. You can choose this hairstyle or your birthday or for any other occasions. It is worth to try on long thick hair on casual days too.  26deb24e91aaed67040d08c4ae0aad22 Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016Ribbon Ponytail Hairstyle

A high, low or medium ponytail hairstyle is a good idea to wear on casual days. This hairdo allows you to use your old subtle ribbons. This is trendy trick that we often see on the runway. Designers choose tender pastel-colored ribbons to beautify different ponytail hairstyles. Actually this type of hairstyles are perfect teenage hairdos.62647ed74e4a6328800bcf3745fe104d Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016Casual Hairstyle with Headband

Tired of the same dull hairstyle? 2016 is the year of stylish hair accessories. Use them to change your common hairdo into a lovelier and flashier one. Wear a delicate headband or large hair clipper on the top part matching with your whole style. Wear a beautiful makeup to highlight your prettiness.9265c34a4f506298268c25b9107e6ede Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016Retro Scarf Updo Hairstyle55e4f7f8b4808d43c0158f0e46aa27e8 Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016The bouffant or other retro inspired updo hairstyle combined with colorful scarf-headbands are becoming more and more popular among young ladies. This modern twist added to the vintage hairdos is very fascinating and eye-catching. It’s the coolest way to use the silky and soft scarves.0dbd05e4b0f19a187aa027247006aee1 Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016Messy Side Braid Hairstyle

There is a simple yet very girlish hairstyle called side braid. Guys like this hairdo just because of its natural and simple effect. It is pretty even in messiness and tends to emphasize the charm of your hair. This is all you need for casual days. Besides side braids are ideal for second day hair, windy days and just for late or busy mornings. Use simple, fishtail, French, Dutch or rope braiding skills to get a nice side plait hairstyle. The secret of this hairstyle is that it makes you look younger, that’s why many celebrities often wear it.307b79786be98e6cbf7b22d934feb053 Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2016

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